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Restorative practices are evidence-based

The idea of that certain behavioral practices are evidence-based began in the field of medicine ( “Behavioral health practice (here abbreviated behavioral practice) is a multidisciplinary field that promotes optimal mental and physical health by maximizing biopsychosocial functioning. Evidence-based behavioral practice entails making decisions about how to promote healthful behaviors by integrating the best available evidence with practitioner expertise and other resources, and with the characteristics, state, needs, values and preferences of those who will…

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Creativity Restorative Justice

Restorative justice helps us learn to be creative & become more resilient….

A good article on how a Toronto business school is focusing on teaching students to be creative problem solvers was published in the New York Times January 10, 2010 The article reminds me of how restorative justice and solution-focused thinking, which I think are public health approaches to problem solving, offer us the chance to learn to be more creative and resilient. Being creative feels much better than complaining and whining about the hardships…

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