We benefit by treating our emotional conflict restoratively, and we can also take care of our bodies restoratively.  Here is how I have repaired and been able to prevent one physical harm that many people suffer.

Plantar fasciitis may be a problem for you too if you have a sharp heel pain that feels like you’re stepping on a nail, especially first thing in the morning when you take your first step of the day.  I have had this ailment a lot over the years and after running many miles.  One time the tendon partially tore, which really hurt, and I couldn’t run for a couple months, but it was that time that helped me find the ways to finally prevent the disorder.

First, thank you Kent Davenport M.D., one of my most favorite sports docs and a good friend, for telling me to quit walking bare foot.  I wear shoes all the time now and not slippers, which is what we call flip flops in Hawai‘i, where we also go barefoot inside houses.  Running shoes are the best for stability and I got some slip on New Balance shoes that I call “my inside shoes” and only wear inside the house.  I have a spare pair at my daughter’s house when I spend a lot of time.

Second, I built a slant board for my feet and I stand on it every day for four or five minutes to keep my tendons stretched out.  You can buy slant boards too.  Below are photos of me on mine.  I also have added bending each knee slowly on the slant board to stretch out my calves too (I tore a calf and that’s another bummer).  I do the slant board every morning when I brush my teeth.

A night splint might also help but I personally hated sleeping in them and have found the slant board and shoes to be the best prevention interventions.

I have also had shots of cortisone into the heel, which hurt super bad, and not as helpful as the above interventions, which have proven way more effective long term.

Here is a good recent research paper too on plantar fasciitis http://www.dubinchiro.com/plantar.pdf

Remember to keep using your body no matter what.  Pain is part of the physical experience.  Don’t quit running and doing things forever when you get hurt.  Learn how to prevent and treat injuries.  Don’t give up until the end!