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11th Annual Parole Completion Celebration

On the evening of October 9, 2019 we were privileged to provide the 11th annual celebration honoring people who were discharged from parole in Hawai‘i this year and those who helped them. The event was held in the magnificent Ali‘iolani Hale (Hawai‘i Supreme Court) in Honolulu. About 65 guests including those being discharged from parole, their loved ones, judges, lawyers including public defenders and a couple candidates for the 2020 election for prosecutor for the…

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cop vs. professor & good modeling by President Obama!

My friend Lisz Rea wrote a blog about this incident regrading the cop and professor in Boston and I wrote this comment in response: Thank you for the great commentary Lisa!  President Obama provided a wonderful service by modeling how conflicting people can communicate and come to understand each other better.  As painful as this incident was, it had positive results in teaching people to communicate, and also in addressing racial and class bias…

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